New personal computing technology

They say PC is dead, and at the present day it is easy to see why they say so. We live in the mobile era, and 21st century brought us expansion of smart phones and tablets that threaten to make personal computer obsolete. The sales of these mobile mini computers are on a sharp rise and they are not alone. Newly made laptops are as powerful as PC's we are used to, and more and more people choose to have the strength of PC combined with mobility. The sales of these mobile mini computers are on a sharp rise and they are not alone. Old concept of the personal computer is threatened by gaming consoles such as Play Station and Xbox and new players like Oculus Rift as PC stops being the go-to destination for younger generations hungry for games and entertainment. So, is the PC dead? And why not?

Rise of the 4K

Yes, the future is here. We had HD, ultraHD and even a chance at 3D, and now it seems the idea of 4K resolution computer monitors and TVs is finally going big. This year, it looks like 4K monitors are becoming more popular, most likely because of the price drop they are making. And can you put a 4K monitor onto a 19 inch laptop? And would you? It is either to small to be useful as a 4K display, or to big to be practical for a laptop. And you can bet your money there are a lot of movie lovers that would pay top dollar far a PC to run their favorite scenes on a big, high resolution screen! Big marketing wave pushing the sales of 4K monitors and TVs will certainly have an impact on PC sales and popularity.


Professional work

Sure, you can work on your laptop, but - why would you? If your work is tied to the computer, it will more likely be the PC, since they allow bigger monitor sizes and have better hardware performance. Portion of people who need the mobility does go for laptop, but it's not rare that they also own a PC so they can work home. It is rare to see a professional artist working on a laptop, a simple practicality issue. Artists in audio business will more likely have a PC for the heart of their studio, as it's more powerful, allows more tinkering and changing and can handle better sound cards than its smaller and more mobile counterpart. 


No, not the 3D monitors, but the technology of 3D printing and scanning. Acer, Dell and Lenovo are among the brand names to release new PC models with 3D cameras installed. There are 3 or 4 cameras built into these devices and there are number of useful things you can do with them. Hand gestures for control or gaming like with Kinekt is one of them. Another one is 3D scanning, and it's especially interesting fact once paired with the news of release 3D printers for personal computers.